Software Bisque

Introducing a whole new way to buy and enjoy Paramounts. When customers buy a Software Bisque Paramount through me, I will personally provide elite customer service, solutions and technical support. I will help you choose the best options to suit your individual needs, navigating you through the software via phone or TeamViewer within the first two months of your purchase. This is a service that no other retailer or manufacturer provide. As a valued customer, you will have both my email and my phone number. I can be contacted at anytime for support. You run into a problem or can't figure it out, I will be there to get you going. I am very knowledgeable in SkyX. I use and operate many Paramounts locally and remotely.

Dennis di Cicco who is the editor is chief of Sky and Telescope magazine in his November 2015 review of the MyT said "I hesitated making an unconditional recommendation at the beginning of this review. The reason is the very steep learning curve that goes with running this system." I disagree. I say if you add up all the time you would spend learning the hodgepodge of other software that SkyX does, I bet it would take you longer to get started. Please contact me for more details. Here is the review in Sky and Telescope…/…/Paramount-MyT.pdf